Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 1 & 2 of Clean Eating Challenge

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've started back at uni and have also started an internship! I'm currently interning with Matcho Suba (of Project Runway fame) over Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, all while completing my final collection for uni (in which I have more garments to make than weeks to make them...). Me being me, I also decided to take part of an online 12 week challenge to get fit and healthy, as I felt that after last semester I had really let things lax.

I thought I'd show you what has been my first weeks of a clean eating lifestyle!

Firstly, I meal prepped. You may know that I meal plan and sometimes I'll make my lunch for uni the night before. Now I have taken it to the next level. I've become one of "those" people. A prepper. Maybe not a doomsday prepper (that will come at the end of this semester!!) but a weekday prepper.
I spent my last Sunday off before uni prepping mine and Byron's lunches for the week.

Not all the recipes are here, as I eat leftovers quite frequently and also believe in having one or two cheat meals a week! You have the power to decide how you live your lifestyle, whether that means just cutting back on junk food or meticulously counting your calories and macros. I do what's best for me and that includes not denying or depriving myself of what I enjoy. Luckily, healthy does not equate to yucky! Most of my fave foods are healthy anyway!

Sunday Night Dinner

Brown Rice, Tomato & Mushroom Stuffed Capsicum

After meal prepping all day, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. I'm such a lucky girl because Byron decided to cook for us, and not just that- he made it healthy too!
He cooked brown rice and mixed it with sautéed vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and tomato paste. He then stuffed it inside a capsicum he had put under the grill for a minute or two.

Before this, I was not a capsicum fan. I can safely say that I am now!

Monday Breakfast

Strawberry, Raspberry & Goji Fruit Smoothie

I wasn't very hungry for breakfast, which a lot of people aren't most of the time. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism so I always like to sneak it in any way that I can. Smoothies are an easy way to do this! You can always add a protein powder for extra umph!

Monday Lunch

Cos Lettuce & Egg Salad

There's nothing like a good salad to kick start a healthy eating challenge! I can never get enough of eggs and they added the protein that this salad needed. It has cos lettuce, red onion, cucumber, 2 hard boiled eggs and a dressing made of greek yoghurt, salt, paprika and lemon juice. I'm all about making your own dressings- they're so quick and easy! I felt this salad needed a creamy dressing and I was right, it was great!

Monday Dinner

Potato, Kale & Chorizo Soup

This recipe is from Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Eating Cookbook. I'm not a super huge fan of soup but Byron and I both loved this one!

Tuesday Breakfast

Carrot, Kale & Citrus Juice

I had no stomach for breakfast AGAIN but in order to get the nutrients I need, I made myself a juice. It had 2 carrots, a few leaves of kale, some pineapple and a blood orange. It was delish!

Tuesday Lunch

Grilled Chicken with Green Beans & Sweet Potato

This was really good and filling! I was very happy with myself for all the hard work I had put into meal prepping on Sunday!

Tuesday Snack

3 Ingredient Cookies

The only ingredients in these cookies are banana, oats and choc chips! I needed a chocolate fix but didn't want to ruin my hard work so I baked these instead! 2 bananas mashed with 1 cup of oats and then dot them with choc chips and bake for 15 minutes at 175C. 

Tuesday Dinner

Crispy Salmon With Lemon Dressing & Green Beans

This still makes my mouth water. Byron has started cooking me salmon as I'm not a big fish eater but get sick of chicken all the time! He has made this for me twice and I'm really hoping he'll make it for me again this week.

Wednesday Lunch

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potato with Hard Boiled Egg & Green Beans

Knowing me, I probably had oats for breakfast! They're my go-to. This quinoa stuffed sweet potato was great. I'm just obsessed with sweet potatoes! The quinoa on its own might be too dry for some people so feel free to add a dressing or mix it in with your fave sauce!

Wednesday Dinner

Spicy Chicken Salad

This delicious salad was made by Matcho's partner after he came home from the gym. It had mixed leaves and tomato with a spicy, garlicky chicken. It was so good, if maybe a touch too hot for me. My nose was running but I didn't care!

Thursday Lunch

Honey Mustard Chicken & Broccoli 

This lunch was easy peasy. I added a honey mustard sauce (Celebrations) to my grilled chicken. It's easy enough to make your own! It's just honey ad (you guessed it...) mustard!

Thursday Dinner

High Protein/Low Carb Pasta with Kale Pesto

Pasta is my fave and no clean eating challenge with change that! I buy the high protein/low carb variety of pasta that is now available at Coles & Woolies. For the pesto, I blitzed Tuscan Kale with olive oil and walnuts and added salt and a touch of parmesan. It was so good! I will definitely be making pesto like that again. 

Friday Breakfast

Green Juice

I didn't feel like breakfast again so I just made a green juice with kale, 1 cucumber and pineapple. It was great!

Friday Lunch

Zucchini, Mushroom & Kale Brown Rice Risotto

Brown rice risotto can be really time consuming so plan ahead. The flavours were amazing. I had roasted the zucchini with garlic before adding it in to the cooked risotto.

I also had this next week for Monday Lunch & Wednesday Lunch as it was so flavoursome and good cold or hot!

Friday Dinner

Pinch of Yum's Sweet Potato Nachos

These nachos are so good! I keep forgetting to buy corn so I left it off. I also made my own corn chips to have with them! They were great for leftovers for Tuesday Lunch. I even ate them cold and they were still great!

Friday Dessert

Balsamic Strawberries with Vanilla Ricotta

A few years ago I did Michelle Bridge's 12 Week Challenge where I learned just how delicious Balsamic vinegar is with strawberries! I stewed the strawberries in the Balsamic vinegar until soft and added to ricotta that I had whipped with a dash of vanilla extract. I topped it with walnuts for a bit of crunch!

Weekend Breakfast

Chocolate Oats

This recipe will be on the blog soon! Somedays I just need to start it off with chocolate. This really hits the spot and fills me up until lunch!

Weekend Snack

Strawberry & Coconut Smoothie

Again, I wasn't feeling very hungry this weekend (we'd had a late dinner the night before) but I knew I had to kickstart my day so I blitzed frozen strawberries with coconut cream. It was absolutely delicious! I wish I could have more but I ran out of frozen strawberries!

Weekend Snack

Pineapple Fruit Bowl with Strawberries, Banana and Kiwi Fruit

I was feeling like fruit and had a pineapple that I hadn't finished off so I scooped out the middle and added fruit! I topped it with chia seeds and ate it straight from the pineapple. It made me miss Summer! 

Sunday Dessert

Strawberry Icecream

 I was on a sweet fix but needed something healthy! I blitzed frozen strawberries with vanilla almond milk until an icecream consistency was reached! It really hit the spot and quelled my sweet cravings. 

Let me know if you're a meal planner and/or prepper and feel free to share any tips with me!



  1. YUM! Every meal looks amazing. I am adding to me list for next weeks shopping list. I ESPECIALLY need to try those nachos. :)

    Stopping by from SITS Sharefest. So glad to have found you!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I'm sure you'll love them!


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