Sunday, 2 March 2014

Meal Plan 2nd-8th March

My meal plan for this week!

I negated to put my snacks on but I did get 5 for $5 (uhh... maybe 10 for $10) Chobani this week. The pouches are so handy for uni!


Monday- Buffalo Tofu Salad
Wednesday- Roast vege wrap made with leftovers from night before 
Thursday- Taralynn McNitt's 'Yummy yummy Sunday Salad'. She honestly has the most fantastic       salad's (well maybe half-baked harvest can compete- I can't decide!)
Friday- Boring salad sandwich (but not so boring because I have forever loved them)


Sunday- Sweet potato chilli fries- I'll share this one with you soon!
Wednesday- Mac & Cheese with cauli sauce
Thursday- Sweet Potato Skillet- yes, I made this last week but I loved it so much and it was amazing for lunch the next day with a hard boiled egg!
Saturday- Healthy Nachos

The sweet potato fries are in the oven as we speak! 
Not a lot of meat this week but I'm very like that- I'll have meat 5 nights one week and then once the next. I don't calculate calories or macros but I trust that I get enough nutrients from my fruits, veges and nuts/seeds and my doctor has never said I'm deficient in anything so I'd say it's working for me. 


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