Monday, 31 March 2014

Birthday Week Meal Plan

That's right, it's my birthday this week (yay?). I'm not too excited, mainly because I have uni on my birthday and it will be a full week of uni while I'm at it. Monday-Friday. With bonus assignments due! Sometimes I wonder why I chose this. I'll remember soon, won't I?

Also some rather exciting news;

My name was on the big screen for the first time ever this weekend. And not just a tiny little name in the credits. It took up the whole screen! My mum was with me and I like to think I could feel the pride radiating from her. It was only a small cinema, but still, I'm very proud and thankful to have been part of such an awesome team of creatives.

Onto my meal plan, though. That's why you're here, after all. 

I'm so fussy, I've already changed my mind about what I'm having this week. 

  • Lunch- Hummus wrap with mixed leaves, cucumber and carrot. 
  • Dinner- no longer chicken burritos! Now I'm thinking I'll have that on my birthday instead (Wednesday)
  • Lunch- Brown rice and vege salad
  • Dinner- Zucchini fritters (that I didn't end up making last week)
Wednesday (MY BIRTHDAY!):
  • Lunch- leftover fritters. I am going to be so excited eating these at lunch for my birthday. Lame but true. 
  • Dinner- Newly relocated chicken burritos
  • Lunch- Greek Salad
  • Dinner- buffalo cauliflower with salad and blue cheese dressing
I'm really looking forward to this week's meal plan (and my birthday dinner on Saturday!)


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