Sunday, 16 February 2014

Meal Plan 16-22nd Feb

I am on a tight budget for the week! It's almost back to uni time and I'll have to be more in control of my finances so I can pack my lunches- though I've already been stashing things that have been on special like juice and muesli bars. So this week I had to be ultra-thrifty with our dinners!

Oh, I've also got some exciting news to share!

Remember my Aussie Barbecue Salad?

Well I entered it into a Coles competition and was one of three people to win a Weber BBQ valued at $700! I hardly ever win anything and winning something not just because of chance but because of a recipe you entered, well it was very flattering. We just picked it up today from Eco Outdoor and it was nice of Coles to support a smaller, design-focused business (whose showroom I adored!) rather than one of the larger chains.

Well anyway, onto this week's meal plan:

I am running low on fruit this week but I do have all things necessary for Sunday's Mac & Cheese (filled with veges, of course) and Monday's zucchini and corn fritters. 

I already have brown rice so if I pick up some chicken that will suffice for Tuesday and Friday night's dinner- I might turn one of them into a stir fry to shake things up a bit. 

I didn't end up making last week's roast vege filo as we went out for a Valentine's dinner instead as a treat that we don't often get. It was well worth it. 

Thursday's spaghetti I already have all the ingredients for and I make my own wholemeal pasta to make it healthier. 

Saturday we'll have stuffed sweet potatoes- we really enjoyed them last time we had them and sweet potatoes have been cheap lately. 

Hopefully next week I'll have a bit more to splurge as I'll have to start thinking about lunches soon-eep! 

Have you planned your meals for this week?


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