Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Crystal Castle Adventure

I'm sitting here, drinking green tea and reflecting on my adventure to Crystal Castle. Have I told you I'm tea-obsessed? I love the stuff. I think I just like hot drinks actually... 

Here's one of my (many) tea pots. 

And my little tea centre that my mum bought me from an antique store. Isn't it divine?

I'm so sorry, I can be so easily distracted- where was I?

Oh yeah, so my mum and I had a day while I was up on the coast set aside to do something together. We usually go shopping or see a movie or something like that but I was determined to do something different this time. We decided upon a little road trip to Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay, where we could go to the Crystal Castle. The name conjures up images of Emerald cities, glass houses or maybe just an electronica band.

In actuality it's a cute hillside garden/rainforest/pond/cafe/shop filled with geodes, statues, walks and of course, crystals. Like, really big ones and really small ones just casually everywhere. 

Don't ask what's happening with my hand- I don't know!

It would be a very spiritual place for some and I rejoiced in the quiet solitude found in the walks. I pondered over my spirituality (or lack thereof) for a bit and there were signs everywhere saying all religions were welcome.

There were cute fishies in the pond that wanted some bread that we didn't have- sorry little guys!

Mum and I went on the rainforest walk which the owner of Crystal Castle planted- before then it was a grassland intended as a farm. 

This is how pineapples grow???

On the buddha walk there was a bamboo garden. The bamboo was so amazingly tall and people had carved their initials all over the bark. 

This Buddha statue was MASSIVE! It was a very peaceful area with benches and grassy spots everywhere. We headed back up to the cafe and shop which overlooked a valley and was just beautiful but I didn't take any pictures, these ones will have to suffice-

Image from

Image from
We had the most delicious meal at the cafe- we were still a little full from breakfast in Kingscliff, so we shared a trio of dips. Oh my gosh, the dips were delicious and it came with a little garden salad with EVERYTHING that I liked in it- all topped with a cute edible flower. Oh, and it was all from their own self-supporting garden grown just out the front of the cafe.

I loved that meal so much and it was a special little moment shared with my mum. 
Afterwards, I went to the shop and bought myself an amethyst and a present for my friend. When I came out, Mum handed me a present- as my bunnies have recently passed away (it still really hurts to think about) she bought me a rose quartz bunny. I think it's fitting as rose quartz symbolises eternal love and I will forever love my Annabel and Hazel. 

I was very lucky to spend such a fun day with my mum. When we were all crystal-ed out, we headed into Mullumbimby and did a bit of book and op-shopping until we were all tuckered out and headed home. 

Have you ever been to Crystal Castle or somewhere like it that you would recommend?


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