Sunday, 23 February 2014

Back To Uni Meal Plan

What a week it's been, and not in a good way! I've been trying to get everything organised before I go back to uni (buying stuff I need, doing last minute assignments that they decided to throw at us last week of holidays...) and then I spent my entire Friday crying over something as ridiculous as money. Alas, I am a student and perpetually poor but I won't bore you with my woes, I'm sure you have your own. We had planned to attend Melbourne's White Night but the thought of the crowds and the fact that we were too tired (okay, okay Lion King was on tv) meant we stayed home. 

Let's escape for a while and plan ahead for the week. This week is done and dusted and even if I'm starting uni this week, it's a new week with all new possibilities. 

My new timetable means I get Tuesday's off so I haven't bothered planning lunch for that day. 

I've spent all day meal prepping. Right now I'm cooking down some vegetable stock (it smells so good!) as I'd cut up all my veges for the week and made a few juices, so I had lots of vege scraps. 

Tonight we're having some low carb tomato pasta- Woolies has started stocking this pasta that's often on special for $2 and it comes in Low Carb/High Protein and High Fibre so I'm pretty stoked. 

If I get a chance I might make the coconut lemon bread (lemons were on special and coconut milk is 89c a can) but we'll have to wait and see, my day has just gone too fast. 

I still have to make my lunch for tomorrow, eep! 

Dinners for this week are:

Monday- Aussie BBQ Salad to test out our new barbie!
Tuesday- Chicken salad or chicken with rice
Wednesday- Aussie BBQ Salad Leftovers
Thursday-Crispy Chicken Tacos 
Friday- Night off- we'll be at soundwave so I'll just pack heaps of snack food instead. 

My lunch on Monday is brown rice, avocado and tofu salad because I have leftover tofu that needs to be used.
On Wednesday it is chicken, corn and haloumi salad that I've made a couple of times. 

For snacks at uni this week:
Juices- I used my juicer to make a couple plus I have some healthy juice poppers stashed away
Yoghurt- I've been stalking the specials and got 10 for $10 Chobani pouches
Muesli Bars- Great when you need extra calories and aren't feeling up to anything big.
Fruit- this week I have apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, nectarines and plums
Nuts- this week is walnuts and almonds
Smoothies- If I get the time I'll make some smoothies to take to uni

Always keep a frozen water bottle/cool pack with you lunches if there's no fridge!

So wish me luck at my first week back at uni! If it's a bad week, at least I have Soundwave to look forward to!

What are your meal planning tips for uni students? I'd love to know!


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