Monday, 20 January 2014

My Grief This Past Week

I've had a horrible week. I mentioned how we had 40 degree+ Celsius days lately. Well on the final day of the heat wave my two rabbits suffered heat stroke and passed away. They had a frozen bottle and weren't in the sun and I had intended on bringing them inside like I had every other day of the heat wave but a small visit to my landlord turned into a two hour visit. When I went to bring my bunnies in they already had too high temperatures and we treated them before rushing to the vet, who unfortunately could not save them. 

I loved Annabel and Hazel very dearly and only wish I could redo that day. They were a part of my life for over five years, almost six. 

Here they are:

I need to get out of the funk I'm in. I'm quite an emotional person so I've been crying every day and dreaming about them. I had their picture framed to put on my wall and my cat Winnie out of nowhere climbed onto the table and stared at the picture for a good minute. It was so strange but such a beautiful moment as she loved the bunnies too. 

I only hope that my story can be a reminder of just how fragile our bunnies and other pets are, especially in such extreme weather circumstances. 

This has affected me deeply. I still see their brand new hutch that my dad built just sitting empty outside. I cut up carrots for dinner and didn't have any bunnies to give the scraps to. I wondered if I would still buy carrots in bulk.

Each day gets a teensy bit easier. I'm waiting for my mum to get back from holidays so I can call her and have a good cry to her over the phone. Maybe after then the healing will begin. 

This post is dedicated to Annabel and Hazel (2008-2014). 


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