Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine's Day Tips and Ideas

Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day) is fun to some, heartbreaking for others and just lame to most yet I still partake in its festivities and always have.

At school I remember always wanting to get a rose from a secret admirer and yet it never happened. Once I thought it did, I came into class and there was a rose on my desk from a best friend and I was so excited until I realised he had intended it for the popular girl that sat next to me. But when I was 16 and it was Valentine's Day I had twenty roses sent to me from Byron, the most roses anyone in the school received! I'm very lucky to still have Byron and he still brings me roses on Valentine's Day! *naww*

So yes, I receive roses on Valentine's Day and sometimes chocolates, which I hide from myself and every now and then will come across the box and allow myself one. It takes a lot of self control but hey, it works for me! Even though I get all this, Byron and I never really buy into the rest of the holiday with all its gimmicks- cards, jewellery, candy hearts that don't even taste good....
Byron is usually at work all day so what I do is make him a yummy breakfast (I'm thinking my quick & easy pancakes but cut into hearts for this year! You can find them here http://healthyindesign.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/quick-easy-pancakes.html), pack him a yummy and cute lunch and then make a really fancy dinner for ourselves while we drink red wine, listen to music and dance a little. Usually I make lamb because it's a bit of a splurge, I think I only have it maybe two or three times a year!

Onto my post for today, while there's no specific recipe, there is a well of healthy decorating ideas and maybe a treat or two.

So pack a picnic, grab your date and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


There are so many recipes for special Valentines drinks out there on the Internet so you can either grab one of those or just do what I did- use water!

I think Valentine's Day should be all about hearts, pink and red which is why I used watermelon but you can use another fruit if you so choose! I used my cookie cutter set that I purchased from Daiso for $2.80 and just sliced off a bit of watermelon, pushed it through and voila! A watermelon heart! I then froze a few to use as ice and one as garnish, just slice it a little down the bottom and slip on a glass.


Next I cut a carrot in half (after scrubbing though feel free to peel) and cut a slit in the top, down the middle and then another slit, joining up with the first to form a v down the length of the carrot. 

I then cut the entire carrot into a v shape but with a rounded top so it looked more like a heart. Then I just sliced them width ways. They'd make a great garnish for a salad or soup! You can fiddle with them a bit more to make them more heart-like, as the natural shape of the carrot can make some look a bit skewed. 


Chocolate-covered Strawberries
Next I melted some dark chocolate and dipped in some strawberries. There's something very sexy about strawberries... and cherries too! They're quite aphrodisiacal so definitely save them for after dinner! Melting the chocolate is pretty simple, you could do fondue but I like coating them in chocolate because you can control the amount of chocolate you use. To melt the chocolate, put a little bit of boiling water in a saucepan and then place a metal bowl or smaller saucepan over the top- being careful to keep the bottom of the top saucepan away from the water's bubbles. Melt the chocolate over a low heat and the dip your strawberries, set on an aluminium foil covered tray and leave to set in the fridge. 

Healthy Cupcake
This is such a cute "cupcake", the recipe for it will be coming in my next post so stay tuned. I recently went to Torquay and took a hamper of goodies for my friend's birthday. I made her a loaf of healthy raspberry, pomegranate and pear yoghurt bread and I had some mixture left which I turned into mini muffins. I decided to dress those muffins up a bit and make them into healthy cupcakes! For the frosting I just used greek yoghurt- choose a matching flavour like strawberry, or you can use a light cream cheese too. 

Then I got one of my heart cookie cutters and pressed it gently into the yoghurt while topping it with pomegranate seeds and gently pushed them in so they would stick. 

But then I thought "no! There's still not enough love hearts!" because I'm like that on Valentine's Day. There can never be too many love hearts on Valentine's Day! So I added a little watermelon love heart to dress it up a bit and I am chuffed with the result. 

Isn't it just the sweetest?

Decadent Fruit Platter

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming. You can make the cutest things with the smallest amount of preparation. So I put together a bit of a fruit platter, ideal for a picnic. And seriously, feeding each other fruit is just so sexy. Pair it with a bottle of bubbles and how perfect is this!

I just cut out some more watermelon love hearts, cut up an apple and put it in one of my love heart Daiso containers, added some of my choc strawberries and scattered some pomegranate seeds over the top. How simple, but it looks so nice. See? Valentine's Day is all in the decoration, not in the unhealthy extravagant meals. 

My adorable Daiso containers!

So there you have it! Simple, healthy options for Valentine's Day! You don't have to spoil your healthy lifestyle to show your partner that you love them, but a bit of wine and chocolate won't hurt either!
Happy Valentine's Day!



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