Friday, 15 February 2013

Travelling To Torquay and the Great Ocean Road

The Anzac Memorial and Jemma in Torquay!

Last weekend Byron and I were lucky enough to visit a couple of our friends in Torquay, Victoria. It was about a 2 hour drive from where we live so I packed us some nibbles and remembered my bottled water! I'd never been to Torquay before so I was a bit excited, it's just beautiful there and it was such a nice day.

I hadn't seen my friend, Jemma, since her birthday so I made her a hamper which contained:
  • A book on desserts
  • A raspberry, pear & pomegranate loaf I had baked the day before
  • French Vanilla flavoured almonds in a nice jar
  • 2 servings of Byron's special muesli
  • 1 red apple and 1 green apple
  • A bunch of flowers bought from the local florist
I bought the basket from an op shop for $4 and had some fuchsia gingham laying around that I used to line it. 
Jemma's hamper and Byron's cardistry

I'm going to dedicate a post to my raspberry, pear & pomegranate loaf which you may have seen in my Valentine's Day post so look out for it next blog!

Surf shop in Torquay

While in Torquay we had a nice lunch followed by a walk on the beach. Byron was investigating the rockpools for marine life and found some interesting things like mini anemones.

My favourite textures of the day

As you know, I study fashion design and love finding different textures while out and about. Some of my favourites were the rocks, the cracked clay and the fossilised coral. 

I also loved the colour of the water and the beautifully coloured tents along the main beach. The surfers were everywhere today, I know Torquay is a surf town (it reminded me of Rocket Power!) but I think it really put on a show for us that day, we were very lucky.

Byron searching for marine life

Some of the 'fossilised coral' according to Byron

Harley climbing the rocks

We then went down the Great Ocean Road a bit and came to Bells Beach, which seemed to be THE hotspot for surfers. I really appreciated the stones that said 'Respect the Ocean' and 'Respect the Land', it really epitomised what surfers are about and that is just so cool. The few times I have surfed I haven't been too bad, it's definitely something I would like to do again. 

Aboriginal Art 

The Great Ocean Road
We then headed out to a lighthouse in Anglesea and I found out it was the lighthouse from 'Round the Twist' which was pretty cool! The day started to get a bit greyer while we were there and yet I still managed to get sunburnt, I usually put on sunscreen but I totally forgot that day. I learnt my lesson well!

We had an amazing day in Torquay with Jemma and Harley, while we were there they filmed stuff for their vlog which you can watch here, they even did an episode with us in it! You can watch that one here so check it out! 


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