Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hiking & Healthy Breakfast Options

Wowzers. I have so many recipes to share with you guys but only so much time in my day! I'm hoping that I will be able to speed up and get out at least 3 posts a week but it is hard. Here's a couple of images of some simple breakfasts that will be appearing later in this post, but first: HIKING!

I'm a happy hiker!
The other day, after having a coffee at our local cafe, my boyfriend (Byron), best friend and I went to Healesville where there's a local reservoir. It was so amazingly beautiful but just so mean that we couldn't go swimming in it. It was such a nice day too! Melbourne has been having nice weather lately so Byron and I decided to take a hike in the Dandenong Ranges. We thought we weren't quite up to doing the 1000 steps in the heat so we decided to do the Greygum Track. 

After Byron searched for snakes...

 The only problem being that the Greygum track kind of just ended despite the map saying it was a circuit track. So we got a little teensy bit lost but being lost in such beautiful surroundings was okay by me. Call me cliche but I feel home amongst the gum trees.

Okay, after seeing this we thought we might be in a horror movie. 

 I love the textures you find in nature. They're really quite inspiring. The patterns on some of the gum trees were just beautiful.

 I love how I found a little bit of purple in such an odd place.

Okay, maybe I got a little over being lost. 

 The area by the reservoir was just exquisite and filled with picnic tables and laughing kookaburras. There was even a playground that was getting a workout by a busload of school kids on a trip. And it wasn't even nearly busy despite the school kids and other picnicers. We'll definitely be doing the 1000 steps at some point, I can't wait.

 But enough about my hiking endeavours and onto the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast. Obviously.

Now I know everyone is like "oh, but I'm so busy I don't have time for breakfast."
That is an utter load of crap. If you don't have time for a quick breakfast, you're basically saying you don't have time for yourself. And you should always come first.

Don't even say to me "I'm never hungry first thing in the morning."
Do you know why that is? It's because everyone wakes up from alarms rather than from sunlight nowadays and you essentially shock your body awake. I know how necessary alarms are but just believe me, if you're not hungry for breakfast, eat anyway. Your body needs fuel for the day ahead and the 3 cups of coffee aren't a replacement for a healthy, well-balanced meal. I've only photographed a couple of options for quick breakfasts but there are many more that I will list.

If you're really busy in the morning why not make up some cooked quinoa, cous cous or oatmeal for the week ahead? Here I've cooked some quinoa, mixed in some Natvia to make it sweeter, added goji berries, sultanas and a diced apple. One of my favourite breakfasts is cous cous and strawberries. I know cous cous sounds weird as a breakfast option but once you try it, you'll fall in love.

You can thank me later.

Here I've got some Rye Cruskits (but you can use toast- just make sure it's not white, seriously there is like no nutritional benefit in white bread. I don't care if you think it's lower in calories, you will be starving after half an hour). I've topped one with yoghurt and strawberries and one with a sugar-reduced, gluten free choc hazelnut spread and strawberries. I'm obsessed with strawberries. They're in season at the moment and taste delicious. 

Why not have 2 weet-bix topped with your favourite fruit? I know many people will be like 'ew' but I add hot water to my weet-bix and make it all mushy... Like, not too mushy...but yeah... I love it. I had some this morning topped with strawberries and chia seeds. 
If you have some more time, why not a breakfast wrap? The hardest part is cooking the egg and come on, that's not very hard. A wrap, avocado and an egg. Delicious. Wrap it up and it's ready to go!

How cute is this mug I bought from Euro Disneyland? My cat, Winnie, is currently wearing a pink bow, though she insists on putting it at the front of her neck so it's like a bow tie. 

Last on my photographed breakfast list is fruit. Where would we be without it? 

Seedless watermelon was on sale this week so I bought one, cut it up and put it in a container in the fridge. I've just been reaching in there everyday and pulling some out and I know Byron has too. I love grapefruit as well, I always have. I love citrus fruits actually... Sometimes I eat my half grapefruit just by itself but today i sprinkled not even half a teaspoon of raw sugar on the top just to sweeten it up a bit. So this morning I had my fruit and I had my weetbix. It's a good mix of fruits, wholegrains and dairy. I might make up for the protein at lunch. 

Some other options for breakfast are:
  • Pre-made, healthy muffins
  • A tub of low-fat greek yoghurt, with fruit and nuts mixed in
  • A big bowl of oatmeal
  • Pre-made muesli- all you need are oats and some mix ins. My fave is coconut, dates, almonds and raisins but you could make an antioxidant rich version with goji berries, cranberries and blueberries
  • Eggs! Scrambled and poached are both delicious and I just love them with avocado

Just remember to keep your breakfast balanced. Aim to have fruit, protein, wholegrains and dairy (or calcium-rich substitute) for every breakfast. 


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